Now it is possible to obtain land without buying it, and farm small plots to feed yourself and others. Detroit alone has thousands of empty acres within the city limits. The alternative is buying existing farm land, and this too is now within reach. Have you ever tried growing stuff?


Shrinking cities

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Shrinking Cities of the world are the 21st Century’s new wild west.
There are 374 such cities worldwide, with 59 in the U.S., mostly in the
Northeast, and urban farming offers possibilities not seen in over 100 years.

Radiators and mountains

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To get from Texas to California, one must drive over the mountains. Sometimes the car gets hot, and leaks start. One way to deal with a leak quickly is to loosen the radiator cap. This reduces the pressure that causes the leak.

Back to the land movement

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The first time I tried grass, I was convinced it had no effect so I drove my ’52 Ford, the one I had driven over the mountains from Texas, up to North Beach, in san Francisco,  parked it, saw some friends, then spent four hours trying to find it again.

The back to the land movement had just been born, or reborn, depending on how long a view of history you take. The “Whole Earth Catalogue” was published around this time, and many people were talking about getting out of the City for the country.  I got swept up in it; it nicely fit with my farming desires.

Lots of people left the cities for the country. Did you?

Leaving Texas

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I left Texas in 1966 after one year at Trinity University, for greener pastures in California.

What a surprise when I got to San Francisco, and found the Summer of Love in full swing. Not really knowing what was going on, I just tried to blend in, I got some beads, grew my hair long, lived for a while, in the 200 block of Haight Street, hung out with people into free love, who said “cool” a lot, and smoked dope, I even inhaled. The free love thing was something new, it had not caught on in Texas like it did in San Francisco.

Any other ex-hippies out there?

An experience based blog

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Here is how my life has go so far: I became a professional mechanic in the Bay Area of California, then decided to move to the Rockies near Golden BC to try farming. Then I decided to move to New Brunswick to farm.

That didn’t work out, so I came back to BC and went to UBC Law School, then practiced personal injury and disability law for 23 years, representing injured people.

Now I am back at farming in the Gulf Islands.

I had a lot of experiences over the years. I intend to write about them here.

But I sure do know a lot about fixing almost everything else.